Kavanagh Seafood ‚Äč Co.

...from boat to plate...

Kavanagh Seafood has always maintained a stance in line with responsible conservation and sustainability in our fisheries.  Our fishing families and communities need to maintain strength in our industry for generations to come through balanced fisheries management. 


Kavanagh Seafood Co.

Kavanagh Seafood Co. is a family owned company built from over 20 years of fishing New England's offshore waters. Career long friendships and professional relationships allow us to provide the freshest and highest quality seafood year round. Our facility is equipped with a 21,000 lb capacity lobster and crab tank along with a 1000 sq ft refrigerated room capable of handling all of your fresh seafood needs. Our lifelong dedication to bringing the highest quality seafood in from the sea translates directly to our land operations bringing the same quality to your plate. Direct from the fishermen to your families table.